Repair of the tendons that bend and straighten our fingers require specialty surgical training, and careful rehabilitation with the supervision of a certified hand therapist. Tendons that are repaired on the flexor, or palm side of the hand, require early motion with careful therapy guidance to avoid stiffness but allow time for the tendon to heal. Injuries to the nerves and blood vessels in the hand may occur at the same time and may also need repair and therapy.

On the contrary, tendons on the extensor, or backside of the fingers or hand, usually benefit from a short period of immobilization in a splint or cast before beginning motion and therapy.

Tendon laceration and injuries can be devastating injuries to the function of the hand. Surgery is most effective when done within 1-2 weeks of the injury, so please do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment.

If you have suffered an injury to a tendon, please call Dr. Timothy B. Larson, MD at 940-299-HAND to schedule an evaluation.