The radius and ulna are the two long bones in our forearm that come together at the wrist to make a very unique, and sometimes finicky, wrist joint. We may develop problems if the ulna bone, the long bone of the forearm on the small finger side, is longer than the edge of the radius bone next to it. This may cause pain when we turn our wrist to the side.

Amongst other treatment options, shortening the ulna by a few millimeters can make a big difference in pain relief and improved function. The ulna can be shortened by a few different methods, but shortening of the ulnar shaft is the most common way. A saw is used to make a cut in the bone and the ends of the ulna are brought together firmly with a plate. The wrist will be protected in a splint for 2 weeks, and then in a removable splint for an additional 2-4 weeks.

If the small finger side of your wrist is causing pain or limiting your activities, please call Dr. Timothy B. Larson, MD at 940-299-HAND to schedule your consultation.