When is a bump on your hand or finger just a bump, and when is it more? Ganglion cysts are simple, fluid filled sacs commonly found on both the front and back of the wrist, around the last knuckle of the fingers, or at the base of the fingers on the palm side. These may be associated due to a minor trauma, nearby joint arthritis, or sometimes the reason is unknown.

Many of these can be treated with non-surgical therapy, including rest, anti- inflammatory medications, or aspirating the fluid. Dr. Timothy Larson, MD uses ultrasound imaging to guide the needle into the cyst to ensure proper placement and to minimize discomfort. Surgery does remain the most effective way to eliminate the cyst permanently.

Not all lumps and bumps are simple or benign, and if you have questions about your hand or wrist, please call Timothy B. Larson, MD at 940-299-HAND to schedule your consultation.