There are many types of arthritis that can cause pain and loss of ability to the fingers, thumb, hand, and wrist. Osteoarthritis, sometimes referred to as degenerative arthritis, as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis and other less common conditions can all be treated with medicines, therapy, or surgery.

Arthritis in the fingers can sometimes require joint replacement, where the two opposing joint surfaces are replaced, or a fusion (arthrodesis) procedure, when the joint surfaces are removed and the bones are fused together. Treatment is tailored to the location and desired use of the afflicted body part.

The thumb carpometacarpal joint, or CMC joint, is a very common place for arthritis to occur, especially in women. Debilitating joint pain at the thumb can also be managed quite successfully with non-operative methods, but fortunately there are surgical procedures to help treat those thumbs that cannot.

Dr. Larson performs surgery for CMC arthritis of the thumb by removing a small bone at the base of the thumb, the Trapezium, and then using either the patient’s own tendon or a medical device to support the thumb. These procedures are both excellent are treating pain and restoring thumb function.

Finally, wrist arthritis can occur as a result of trauma, gout or other diseases, or as part of osteoarthritis and rheumatism. When needed, these and other wrist conditions can be treated with a variety of surgical considerations, each tailored to the patient’s specific pattern of arthritis and desired uses of the wrist. Partial or complete wrist fusions, wrist joint replacement, or select removal of offending bones are all surgical options Dr. Timothy Larson has received specialty orthopedic hand fellowship training with, and performs routinely.

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