The hand and wrist are very unique and high-functioning parts of our body. Broken bones, or fractures, can cause a lot of disruption to our lives, even if only minimal treatment is required. Some fractures, such as a wrist fracture that occurred from a simple fall onto an outstretched hand, can indicate weakening of the skeleton or osteoporosis.

Surgery may be indicated when the fracture is displaced, or shifted, or involve nearby joints. Often, surgery can help expedite recovery, and allow less dependence on casts or splints, helping us regain function and perform all of the wonderful activities that our hands let us do. Some fractures require percutaneous fixation and insertion of wires, while other surgeries require incisions and direct fixation of the bone. Some injuries may have happened in the past and may require bone grafting and more technical procedures. Dr. Timothy Larson, an orthopedic surgeon with fellowship-developed skill in hand and upper extremity procedures, is well trained to help your hand and wrist fracture.

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